About this Resource

The purpose of this resource is to describe key decisions that committees working on infant-toddler and/or preschool early learning guidelines (ELGs) should consider. We intend for the resource to be used by ELG committees at the beginning of their development process as they write and format their ELG document and/or as they refine or revise their ELGs. We recommend that someone from the leadership team review the issues raised in this resource and use them to inform the planning process. We hope this document will make both the ELG processes and products more thoughtful and efficient.

The resource can be accessed in two formats: Web-based and/or in a document.

  • To access the content in a Web-based format, click on the hot buttons listed on the left side of this website. The issues have been grouped according to the topics listed. You can also use the Search feature in the top righthand corner of the website to access topics.
  • To access the content in the form of a document, click on the "Download the Document" tab at the top of this web page. You will find the document available in a PDF format (with hyperlinks between topics) or a WORD document.

The issues are organized in sets. One set addresses ELGs and the process used to develop ELGs. Another set of issues addresses how to revise ELGs.

Within the first set of issues, we describe the following:

Issue: An important topic/issue/key decision that should be considered/addressed either during the initial phase of the ELG development process or at various strategic points in the process.
Rationale: An explanation for why it is important to consider this issue as part of the ELG development process.
Choices or Recommendations:
Options/alternate decisions that are viable OR recommendations for a specific choice/decision deemed to be the best option for ELG committees.
Considerations: Factors that should be weighed or considered when analyzing a choice or recommendation related to the issue. Two types of considerations are presented:

General considerations: Factors or issues that should be considered for both infant-toddler and preschool ELGs.

Age-specifc considerations: Considerations that may differ according to the age for which the ELGs are being written.

Related Issues: Often decisions committees make regarding one issue have implications for decisions they might make regarding other issues. Issues listed in this "related issues" row could impact or be impacted by decisions a committee might make regarding the issue described in this section.