Recommendations and Issues for Consideration When Writing or Revising Early Learning Guidelines

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Welcome to our Early Learning Guidelines Website! The purpose of this site is to describe key decisions that committees developing early learning standards or early learning guidelines (ELGs) should consider.

Intended as a guide for those charged with the important task of developing or revising their state's ELGs, the site:

  • Raises key issues that should be decided.
  • Provides recommendations.
  • Describes choices and other considerations related to the recommendations.

We address both the content of ELGs and the process for developing ELGs, but this resource is not intended to be a "how-to" manual. Rather, we raise important decisions that state committees often make as ELGs are developed and refined, and offer considerations for state committees to think about. We hope this site will make both the ELG processes and products more thoughtful and efficient for states.