Number and clarity of ELG items


Teachers/caregivers may be overwhelmed or find it difficult to use ELGs when the ELGs include an extremely large number of standards and/or indicators.


Effective ELGs are parsimonious and are written in a way that is clear, observable, and easy to understand.


Children learn many skills, behaviors, and knowledge as they grow and develop. ELGs that try to address each and every element of children's development and learning will be lengthy and difficult for teachers/caregivers to use. Likewise, vague ELGs that do not refer to observable aspects of children's learning and development will be less useful to teachers/caregivers. ELG committees typically need to prioritize what should be addressed in ELGs in order to avoid including too many ELGs, and also, to target knowledge and behaviors that are important for children's later success and observable.

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