Designated personnel to manage the ELG development process


The ELG development process will be implemented more efficiently and will produce a higher quality product when there are designated personnel responsible for managing the development process.


It is essential that the ELG project has designated personnel who are responsible for planning and managing the development process. It may be helpful for this function to be carried out by a small group or team of individuals. This management team should include members of the lead agency/agencies who have direct responsibility/authority for the development process and it may be helpful to also include persons who will be responsible for implementing the document once it is finished (which may be the same individuals). Responsibilities for the core management team can include:

  • Developing and implementing plans for the project (including both logistics of the meetings/process and decisions made during the process).
  • Engaging and supervising contractors or consultants who may work on the project.
  • Writing draft ELG content and collecting feedback from the larger committee if the state elects to use a smaller writing team to draft the ELGs.
  • Communicating with stakeholder groups and committee members.
  • Implementing a process to review the draft document.
  • Keeping agency head(s) informed on the progress of the project.
  • Monitoring the budget and other resources.


General considerations: A smaller core management team may be more efficient, but a larger team may be better suited to provide the expertise needed and may more effectively "set the stage" for implementation of the document because more people are involved in the development process.

Age-specific considerations: It is important for the management team to include one or more individuals who have technical expertise related to the age for which the ELGs are being written and for the target audience. For infant-toddler ELGs in particular, the team should be multidisciplinary and should include persons who are knowledgeable of all domains of development.

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