Endorsement/adoption by agencies and organizations


It may be helpful to have the document endorsed/adopted by other agencies and organizations to lend additional credibility to the document and to facilitate its use in the field.


Organizations that a state may elect to have adopt/endorse the document include:

  • Boards or other groups charged with oversight for the agency that developed the document
  • Other state agencies
  • State-level professional organizations


General considerations: Consideration should be given to any adoptions/endorsements that might be desirable. It is important to communicate with these entities early in the process to determine the degree to which they would need to be involved in the development process in order to adopt/endorse the document, the timeframe for their endorsement/adoption process, the process that would be used, and information that would be needed to complete the process. The lead agency should consider the "level" of endorsement needed from various agencies/organizations. Formal approval of the document can range from endorsement from an agency/organization that does not have authority to direct programs to use the document (i.e., a "seal of approval" for the document) to adoption by an agency or organization that has authority to require that programs use the document (such as a state board of education that can require programs to use the document). The agency developing the document should also consider whether the adoption/endorsement should come before the document is published (so it can be noted in the document itself) or after, and the degree to which the process will (or will not) affect the timeframe for making the document available to the public.

Age-specific considerations: It may be important to consider which agencies/organizations are most important, given the particular ages addressed in the ELGs. Within a state, it may be important to seek endorsement from particular agencies/organizations that have more expertise/credibility with service providers working with infants and toddlers or with preschool-age children. For instance, endorsement from a family childcare association may be particularly important for ELGs written for infants and toddlers, while endorsement from the state board of education may be particularly important for preschool-age ELGs.

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