Dissemination of the ELG document


The ultimate goal for developing ELGs is for them to be used within programs-for teachers/caregivers to incorporate them into their daily activities rather than set them on a shelf. Therefore, plans for disseminating the document are important considerations during the development process.


A dissemination plan should be developed early (not "tagged on" at the end of the development process).


General considerations: States have used a variety of mechanisms to disseminate ELG documents, including direct mailings to programs, posting the document on the internet, and disseminating the document during training sessions. Plans for how the document will be disseminated may be important considerations during the formatting process. For instance, documents that will be disseminated electronically may need to be shorter and have fewer pictures than documents that will be disseminated primarily in print form.

Age-specific considerations: Plans for dissemination of the document should take the unique characteristics of the target audience into consideration. Different types of outreach may be needed for infant-toddler providers and for preschool service providers.


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