Use of the document within other systems in the state


The ELG document will have greater impact on the quality of services if it is infused into/used by multiple early childhood systems within the state.


Development committees should consider how the ELG document can be infused into other systems within the state (i.e., the QRIS, higher education, early childhood programs, etc.).


Many agencies and systems are involved in providing and/or supporting early childhood services. The ELG document should be viewed as a shared vision for the child outcomes that these systems and programs are trying to promote. Therefore it is important that the document be used in different systems, although the way the document is used may vary. It is also important to consider the incentives that can be used to encourage providers and programs to use the document. For instance, an agency that provides grants to programs might require programs to specify how they will use the ELG document as part of their grant applications. The QRIS might require programs to document that staff has been trained on the ELGs as part of the rating system.

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