Monitoring the use of the ELGs


The state has invested resources to develop the ELGs and provide support for the use of the ELGs. A monitoring system that checks on the degree to which the ELGs are being used ensures that providers are more likely to actually use the documents.


The degree to which programs are held accountable for using the ELGs and the method of monitoring the use of the ELGs can vary from state to state (and program to program within a state). Providers might be required to document that they have used the ELGs in developing lesson plans, etc. Alternatively, child assessment data might be collected to determine if children are making progress on the areas articulated in the ELGs.


The type of monitoring and level of accountability for the use of the ELGs depends on the authority that the lead agency has to require providers to use the document. In some cases, the state may require certain programs to use the document, while use of the ELGs may be voluntary in other programs.

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