Are the ELGs aligned with other standards documents, with curricula, and with assessments being used in programs?

ELGs should be horizontally aligned with the curricula and assessments being used with children from the same age range as the ELGs. They also should be vertically aligned with the standards used with children who are younger and older than the ages addressed in the ELGs (provided that the other standards are age appropriate). Both of these types of alignment are the cornerstone of a cohesive and effective education system for young children. Discerning alignment, however, requires a relatively complex methodology, and is more than simply examining the "match" between items in different documents. Even if alignment analyses were conducted on the original ELGs, it is likely that alignment analyses should be conducted again. The curricula, assessments, or standards for other age ranges could have been changed or revised since the time the ELGs were originally written and alignment analyses conducted, or the original alignment analyses may have been inadequate. New alignment analyses could identify areas of misalignment with the current curricula and/or assessments being used in programs, or with revised standards for another age group.

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