What resources are needed to support practitioners who are using the revised document?

Significant training and support are required for ELGs to be used effectively within the field. A state may have many processes and resources in place to support the use of the ELGs. If so, each process and resource will need to be revisited to ensure that plans are in place to help users switch to the revised version. It is important that all persons providing professional development on the ELG document receive a copy of the revised version and some information on how the document has changed. This means that both pre-service and in-service professional development providers need access to the revised document. It may be helpful to produce a document that describes the changes that were made during the revision process. You may also find it helpful to develop "refresher" training sessions that target persons who were already using the document to inform them on how it has changed and to reinforce how the new document should be used. Finally, any training or other professional development initiatives that are designed to introduce users to ELGs for the first time will need to be revised to reflect the new version of the ELGs.

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