Companion materials to accompany the ELG document


Teachers/caregivers may need additional guidance beyond what is included within the ELG document in order to use the ELGs effectively. Sometimes states find it useful to develop separate "companion" documents that support the use of the ELGs.


States have developed a number of different types of companion documents to help caregivers use the ELGs. For instance, some states have developed curriculum materials, checklists and/or instructional assessments teachers can use to record children's progress in the knowledge and skills described in the ELGs. Companion documents can also include posters for teachers/caregivers to display in their classroom/home, brief summaries of the ELGs designed to reach specific target audiences (e.g., one-page summaries for parents), and/or more detailed information about the ELGs (such as the research used as a basis for the ELGs or specific information on topics related to their content or use).


ELG committees should think carefully about the companion documents they elect to develop. While the documents can be very helpful in providing information on the ELGs to a specific target audience or for a specific purpose, they do require considerable work. It may be helpful to decide on the types of supplemental materials the committee would like to have and then work on them after the ELG document is completed. The costs associated with producing and printing companion materials should also be considered when planning for companion documents.

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